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For the past 25 years and the next 25 years!

100+ Unique solutions

The needs and requirements from each client is unique to their business strategies and operations.

So we take pride in customising and hand-crafting the perfect solution, making sure that our developed system and solution is tailor-fit to their workflows, streamlining their processes, human-centric to use while performing reliably and dependable for years.

We even go beyond specs, integrating our expertise and experiences, help our clients to innovate and transform, to achieve multifolds in Revenue Growth, Improve Operational Efficiency and tap potentials of the Emerging Markets.

We are different from our peers, we are not the cheapest, a big team or a big brand.

We are Solomonic - Recognised, Respected and Trusted.

Systems and Solutions Delivered

Aircraft & Flight Data Analysis, Assets Tracking, Bookings and Reservations Management, Call Centre Management, Central Content Management, Compliance Reporting, Component Maintenance, Customer Ordering & Relationship Management, Data Exchange ServiceWare, Digital Documentation Management, Distribution Information Management, Distribution/Resellers Management, Duty Free Sales Solutions, Exhibition Management, Fleets Management, Operations Management Solutions, Integrated Maintenance, Planning and Scheduling, Inventory/Assets/Warehousing Solutions, Line Maintenance, Maintenance & Engineering, Portable/Mobile Airline/Airport/MRO Solutions, Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel xCommerce/xService Portals (B2B, B2C, C2C, O2O, P2C, B2B2C, SaaS, PaaS, M2C, B2G, C2G, G2B), Operation Claims & Rotations Management, Product Development Cycle Management, Quality Assurance, Recruitment & Staff Management, Redemption & Accrual Loyalty Management, Registry Self-serve Kiosk-base Solutions, Resource Management, Safety Management, Sales Management (eCommerce/mCommerce/IFE), Supplementary Maintenance, Suppliers Marketplace Management, Supply Chain Management, Technical Documentation / Publications, eLearning, Training, Grading Solutions, Web Portal Solutions (Staff/Crew/MRO), Workflow & Approval Management.