ACM 2014

Introducing of AirCommerce® to over 70 airlines partners in the Aviation Customer Meeting 2014 - Pattaya

2011 The Internet Show

On-Floor Seminars speaker and Official Entrepreneur Partner

2014 Singapore Airshow

Participating Partners showcasing our bespoke solution for SYFC

2015 Aviation Festival Asia

Participating Exhibitor showcasing our aviation related solutions

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How it all started...

Developers' Paradise

We started off with one clear purpose: Create a programmers' utopia, a software company that focus primarily on grooming local talents, develop passions, nurtures great minds.

Only with the right mindsets and values, great software systems and solutions can then be crafted.

25 Years of Digital Craftsmanship

We are an Enterprise Technology company recognized by global clients, specialising in crafting and delivering new digital technologies, strategies and innovative enterprise-grade solutions.

Empower our clients with real Innovative & Transformative solutions.

Creating new opportunities, markets and harvest new revenues for our clients!

  • Incorporated as Doric Solutions on 8 March 1999.
  • Converted as Doric Solutions LLP in 2006.
  • Transformed as Solomonic Pte Ltd in 2014.
  • Celebrating 25th Anniversary in 2024.

    We take pride in every development and solution: -

  • We hand-craft every line of code locally in Singapore, no where else.
  • We emphasis on accuracy, efficiency, quality and security.
  • We are committed in our deliveries.