Celebrating 25 Years

of an Magnificent Journey from 8 March 1999 - 8 March 2024

25th Anniversary is an important milestone of a lifetime, worth commemorating with pride and joy.

I am deeply grateful and thankful to the unwavering supported by many of you - clients, colleagues, friends, family and partners in this remarkable adventure filled with learning, growth, and countless cherished memories.

Lester Neo - CEO, Solomonic Pte Ltd
Lester Neo


    This is how we started: -

  • 27 Feb - Decision made and business plan drafted.
  • 5 Mar - Viewed and confirmed renting of the Roxy Square 1 #01-44 as office.
  • 8 Mar - Doric Solutions Incorporated and RCB certification collected from ACRA.
  • 24 Mar - Official Opening.

The original logo and namecard's artworks.

350sqf shopfront office - small but cosy.


We started of with a bunch of website design projects and misc application developments. One of the biggest challenged we solved was to formulate a Family Heritage CD solution - World First browser-based Family Tree in multi-media CD featuring 1,700+ published files and 1000+ photos. The solution were covered in main-stream newspapers in 2000.

With Yujiro Tong helping us.

William Teo working on the CD solution.

Snapshots from NewspaperSG.

Close-up of the article.


    We started to innovate and launched 3 revolutionary products, all were either too ahead of it's time! However, every project helped polished us better.

  • Mobile Agent Network (MAN™) - Insurance Agent Mobile Assistant Solution.
  • Renaissance™ - Recruitment solution for HR Planners.
  • SALT™ - Wireless real-time solution for F&B sector.

Mobile Agent Solution on different PDAs platforms.

Screenshot of Renaissance™.

SALT™ - Service Area Linking Technology.


    We started to stablise rolled out 2 customised systems & solutions: -

  • Astral Mag - CRM solution
  • TAK - CRM solution

Screenshot of the customised CRM solution.


    Highlights: -

  • HP - EXPOnential™ Exhibition Management System.
  • Union Gas - Tele-Sales CRM System over Motorola's iDEN network.

Happy users of the EXPOnential™ solution.

EXPOnential™ solved challenges faced by HP.

PWP matrix, warranty & luck draw registration made easy for HP and it's customers.

Sales increased, errors reduced = Happy CSOs.

Integration of iDEN, PABX, CRM, Dispatch & Ops.


    Highlights: -

  • Customised IT-Support & Intranet Solutions.
  • Spectris - eBIS™ Business Intelligence/Relationship Management System.
  • Tandberg Data (Asia) - Enterprise Web Commerce System (eWCS™).
  • Infrastructure Setup, Migration, Relocation, Maintenance and Support.

Screenshot of eBIS™.

Screenshot of Bespoke Intranet Solution.

Screenshot of eWCS™.

Relocations in progress...

Infrastructure Setup in progress...


    Partnered with TNO Systems to conceptualise, R&D and produced Cube³ - The World’s First mid-sized ERP-in-a-box solution!

Product Packshot.

The perfect plug-and-play ERP system for SME!

Participated as Exhibitor at JETRO, Tokyo!


    Highlights: -

  • Doric Solutions LLP was converted to Doric Solutions LLP.
  • Renovation of the expanded shopfront office Roxy Square.
  • Ventured into Aviation & Travel Retail Sectors with DFASS Singapore & Singapore Airlines (KrisShop).

Newly renovated - Looks brighter.

More spacious for staff.

Together with Derek & William.

Establishing new WLAN of the separate buildings' offices.

Setting up IT Infrastructure of 50+ servers, racks, devices, desktops, laptops...

We broke record - Ready & LIVE in 23 days.


    Highlights: -

  • Commissioned and operated our own Tier-1 Secured Data Centre Managed Facility Hosting Services.
  • Launched OurOfficePortal™ - SaaS model All-in-One Intranet portal for SMEs. Featured in Business Times, Biz IT, Singapore on March 6, 2008.
  • Launched KrisShop Online - Award-Winning Travel Retail eCommerce Platform for Airlines.

Tested to handling 69 million page loads/day.

150+ SME benefited from OurOfficePortal™.

Rated 16/20 by The Moodie Davitt Report on 12 Jul 2007.

"KrisShop Online is a visually striking site with calm grey and white as the dominant colours. Splashes of colour help to emphasise the main menu categories, while images are big, bright and of high quality. The layout of the site - in particular the product showcase - is simple, smart and elegant." - The Moodie Report

Together with Hock Soon, Derek and Noi.

Partners from Initium @ our office.


    Highlights: -

  • Launched Air Canada Onboard Duty Free Boutique eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched Avianca Duty Free eCommerce Platform.

Rated 17/20 by The Moodie Davitt Report on 20 Nov 2008.

"Air Canada's Duty Free Boutique is a professional and all-rounded pre-order website that scores well in all aspects, from design and layout to usability and product offer." - The Moodie Davitt Report

Unique ordering model for Avianca.


    Highlights: -

  • Launched Delta Air Onboard Duty Free eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched Air Transat Duty-free shopping eCommerce Platform.
  • Developed CERTS Kiosk for Silk Air.
  • Launched eDM Solution for KrisShop Online.

Setting standards...

More and more airlines were interested.

Crews loved the system!

eDM engagement helped to boost sales.


    Highlights: -

  • Launched Silk Air SkyShop eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched OwnAShop® - Our CSR Community e-Commerce platform.
  • Exhibitor at The Internet Show 2010 (21-22 Apr 2010).

Welcome onboard!

3 years of design & development
Launched on 1 Dec 2010.

We were the largest online retailers community mall with 2,000+ retailers onboard.

Thank you for supporting OwnAShop®!

First time participating as exhibitor.

Registry Tracking Kisok Solution.


    Highlights: -

  • Invited Speaker at InfoComm123 event.
  • Entrepreneur Partner at The Internet Show 2011 (13-15 Apr 2010).
  • Bought our office in 8 Ubo Road 2 #05-07 Zervex.
  • OwnAShop® is voted and Ranked 3rd in Asia's Top 50 Apps 2011.
  • Launched Continental Air Duty Free eCommerce Platform.

Excited entrepurners at the InfoComm123 event.

Over-subscribed track at The Internet Show 2011.

1,012sqf - spacious, bright and scenic.

Big Thank You to those who casted your votes!

Welcome onboard!

Outlets Luckily Draw App.


    Highlights: -

  • Launched Changi Recommends - Changi Airport Travel Retail.
  • OwnAShop® Malaysia opened their first Entrepreneur Service Centre.
  • Website Refresh - KrisShop Online.

Multi-business models platform.

Opening was officiated by YB Zulkifli Bin Mamat.

Aligned with Singapore Airlines Website design.


    Highlights: -

  • Launched Garuda Indonesia Arcade eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched Air Asia X Duty Free eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched Tiger Airways TigerShop eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched Hong Kong Airines SkyShop eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched Gulf Air Duty Free eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched Horme Hardware xCommerce Platform.
  • Launched MROportal™ ERP grade Centralised Portal System & MAJ-FLCA™ - Flight-Line Check List Automation System for General Aviation MRO.
  • On-Floor Seminars Speaker at the Office EXPO Asia 2013.

Welcome onboard!

Welcome onboard!

Welcome onboard!

Welcome onboard!

Welcome onboard!

Singapore's largest DIY centralised multi-sales, 4-in-1 multi-channels B2C, B2B, O2O platform with 100,000+ SKUs.

Bespoke solutions tailored specifically for Aviation MRO.

5,000 Goodie Bags given out.


    Highlights: -

  • Solomonic Pte Ltd incorporated.
  • Partnering Exhibitor in the Singapore Air Show 2014.
  • Advocated Global Consortium to conceptualise, Proof-of-Concept (POC) and developed AirCommerce©.
  • Symposium Speaker at the inaugural DFASS Inflight Imagineering Symposium 2014 - Singapore.
  • Speaker at The Aviation Customer Meeting 2014 - Pattaya.
  • Launched Far Eastern Air Transport Duty Free eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched OwnAShop® Taiwan & First OwnAShop® Bazaar Day.

Our transformation over the years.

Showcasing our bespoke solution for SYFC.

Playing a role in revolutionising global inflight.

Honoured to share pointers to airlines representatives at the Symposium.

Felt the excitment from airlines representatives in ACM 2014.

Proof-of-Concept achieved within 4.5 months.

Welcome onboard!

We had loads of fun @ the First OwnAShop® Bazaar Day!

We are Solomonic!


    Highlights: -

  • Keynote speaker at Airline Retail Conference 2015 Asia Pacific - Hong Kong.
  • Exhibitor at Aviation Festival Asia 2015 - Singapore.
  • Exhibitor Partner with UROVO at Cards and Payments Asia 2015 - Singapore.

Privileged to be a panelist with industry veterans.

Airlines representatives were amazed by our innovative solutions.

Even other industries were surprised by our innovative solutions.

AirCommerce™ Crew Experience Survey with AX


    Highlights: -

  • "Changing Mindset. Uncovering Treasured Connections" - SkillsFuture SG.
  • Launched KrisShop Online Redemption™ - The Digital Commerce Tranformation.
  • Exhibitor Partner with DFASS Group at Aviation IT Show Asia 2016 - Singapore.

Featured in SkillsFuture SG.

Game changing transformations that rocked the industry.

Colleagues all bumped up for the exhibition!

Exciting first-hand crew experiences with our new inflight handheld POS system.


    Researched, Developed and Implemented the Next Generation In-flight Travel Retail-POS Solution (Hardware & Software) for KrisShop Inflight Duty Free.

Close up of our solution, the perfect combination of hardware and software.

Have you seen our solution in action when you did inflight shopping?

Launch of hellocoffeebreak App.

Brainstorming in progress...


    Highlights: -

  • Launched Air Macau AirShop eCommerce Platform.
  • Launched Malaysia Airlines Temptations eCommerce Platform.
  • Several Initiatives of Open APIs Implementations.
  • Collaborative Partnership with Institute for Information Industry (Taiwan).
  • Launched KrisShop-Ctrip marketplace integration.

Welcome Onboard!

Welcome Onboard!

Inspired and first to support KrisPay in our solution!

Real-time testing in flight, we take our R&D processes really seriously.

Launched AppScanOnline™ - CMAS Digital Marketplace.

Make your KrisShop purchases directly from Ctrip Mobile App.


    Highlights: -

  • Research & Development of the next-generation MWaaS (Middleware as a Service) ServiceWare suite - AIXbase™.
  • Launched Hotels Recommends - the hotels booking aggregator with over 500,000+ Hotels Worldwide.
  • Co-Organiser of The RideStyle™ CNY Carnival 2019.

The solution that is designed to tackle the challenges faced by airlines for decades!

Aggregating millions of records in a flash!

Community based sporting event with 400+ participants. Read More


    "The COVID-19 pandemic can be considered an unparalleled disruption to the aviation industry in the last century. With economic losses of USD 175 billion in 2020... airlines showed the largest economic losses during the pandemic." - IATA

    As most of our clients had embraced digital transformation pre-pandemic, the losses have been mitigated thanks to digital and mobile commerce.

Privileged to share and inspire.


    Highlights: -

  • Launched Business China Customer Engagement Platform.

Integrated CMS, Membership and Event Management in one platform.


    Highlights: -

  • Launched VietJet Duty Free eCommerce Platform.

Welcome Onboard!